Information Technology does not need to be overly complicated, yet many business owners often feel at the mercy of their IT providers. These customers see a work order, or an invoice, and shrug their shoulders, surrendering themselves to paying for a known unknown.

With businesses experiencing overcharges and spotty services, the reputation of the IT industry has unfortunately become one of taking advantage of the mysteries inherent in their work to sell business owners on coverage they do not need.

CALITSO was formed to address these issues.

Executive Profiles

Nathan Orsten is a technical expert and entrepreneur with a vast and eclectic background. As a co-owner of CALITSO IT Solutions, Nathan particularly focuses on helping small and medium businesses achieve their full potential through clever, effective and innovative IT solutions. With certifications from world-class organizations such as Microsoft, VMWare, ITIL and CompTIA he has the necessary knowledge to back it up.

Boasting over a decade of experience within the IT industry, Nathan has had the opportunity to build a career working with some of Canada’s award winning, best managed companies. He is experienced in various tasks including service delivery, network capacity planning, restructuring IT infrastructures, project management, disaster recovery planning and much more.

Nathan is dedicated to offering transparency, commitment and out-of-the-box thinking each step of the way to find the right solution for every customer.

Brian Wickenberg is an operations and customer service professional and a co-owner of CALITSO IT Solutions. With senior-level experience in operations for Global 500 companies and a passion for customer service, Brian consistently strives to ensure that Calitso exceeds the client’s expectations.

According to Brian, such a fast-paced niche requires equally quick and effective customer service response to truly enhance the client’s experience and make the process as seamless as possible.

This core concept is an integral part of Calitso’s way of thinking: great technology is nothing without great people behind it. While IT could be intimidating to some, great service truly does make the difference.

We Speak Both
Technology and Business

Combined with our straightforward approach, we add something we have not seen any IT company provide: business acumen. When we meet with a potential customer, Nathan can and will dazzle with his unmatched ability to relay complicated IT procedures in relatable language. However, where we set ourselves apart is in Brian’s ability to engage with the business owner or executive and demonstrate exactly how CALITSO can provide unrivaled computer support and implement solutions towards setting the business up for future growth and success. Nathan speaks the language of technology and Brian speaks the language of business; together, they de-mystify IT services and support for any business.

We Offer


Premier Security and Compliance


Unmatched Technical Expertise


Business Expertise


Award Winning Service and Support

Our Staff

Our team members are just as passionate about technology as they are about helping their customers.  Our staff hold certifications from technology leaders such as: VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, ITIL, and CompTIA.  We utilize industry leading, proactive 24/7 monitoring tools and an ITIL certified service desk. Our Service Desk team maintains full ITIL v3 certification and industry leading expertise. In addition, we have won awards for service excellence and technical leadership.


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