It's the Little things that make work Nice!

Got a wonderful mention from our Emergency Communications Manager in a recent newsletter to the center:

"Great Job: It didn't take Everett much time at all to find a way to use his technical skill set to help improve the center. He took it upon himself to make shortcut key covers for the phone keyboard. So now if you look at the phone keyboard the F1 key is labeled 911. Simple things like this go a long way to making the center a better place to work. Everett also retyped the County abbreviations and a great document on an easy way to learn the designators. Nice job Everett. "

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All 14 positions in the center are uniform on the phone consoles now! I really love my colleagues at the Ada County Sheriffs office, and I am honored every single day when I get to come to work with such awesome people in the background. I wish everyone had a great group of friends like we have at the Ada County Sheriffs Office!

I also want to publicly thank the entire Emergency Communications Department for all the repairs, upgrades, and minor tweaks that are done on a daily basis; we live in a very modern society with changes constantly coming, and Ada County 911 is leading the way in Idaho by embracing new methods while keeping the tried and true methods and policies in tact.

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