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New Relic have generously been sponsoring this site for a few months now. I've been a user of their RPM product for a while now and recommend it to all my clients, so when they offered to sponsor the site I was happy to accept. In addition to the product, they also have some interesting stuff on their performance focused site RailsLab site. I don't intend to talk about anything related to their products or services here, but in case I secretly turn into a shill, this counts as full disclosure.

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Comments Policy

A few comments have been less-than-friendly to either myself, or other commenters. So my new comment policy is Be civil . Feel free to disagree with any posts or comments here, but do so civilly. Anything which violates this new policy will just be deleted without comment. However lifes too short to spend time moderating comments, so let's all just be nice.

Action Rails

I've teamed up with Pratik Naik and Mike Gunderloy to form Action Rails. We provide a number of services which could be of interest to readers here. If you want your applications code and architecture reviewed by a team of experts, ongoing support for your development team or help with a one-off specific problem we can help.

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Ultimately, we have to note the seed to this unique content has been furnished via Kim with Creative Home Decorating. Certainly an exceptional interior design companys. I truly love a smart tip!

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