Dell Technical Support Review January 2008

Every time I use Dell Technical support I write up my experience both good and bad. Hopefully this will help potential customers of Dells equipment get a feeling for the aftercare that is on offer.

I had a case of an Dell Optiplex GX280 Small Form Factor desktop. The fan on this machine was running fast and loud. There was a batch of Optiplexes from Circa 2006 that had this problem but it could take a long time to manifest.

So I called Dell Technical Support. The UK based technician was very helpful and said if I did a quick bios upgrade first and if that doesn't cure it they would send an engineer. I received an e-mail with the link to bios file within moments.

I got the end user to install the Bios Update and we monitored the machine for half an hour. The problem persisted. So I replied by e-mail to the Dell Tech with the site address and got a quick confirmation that an engineer would be dispatched.

The problem has now been resolved and in this case Dell Technical Support gave an excellent service.

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