How Do You Keep Your Company’s Data Secure in the Age of Hacking?

If you’re not sure what’s involved in keeping your business’s information safe and secure in 2019, Calitso’s IT services can help. Data breaches, security scares, hacking and large-scale interferences: it’s all been in the news for months now. Most recently, it’s been discovered how hackers accessed NASA’s data, it’s come to light that hackers are stealing medical data… Read More »

Your Guide to Important IT Acronyms

This short, simple IT glossary is here to help you better understand what some of those common acronyms you hear all the time actually mean.  You’re an expert in your field, and chances are, the world of IT is very different from the world you work in and excel in each day. In fact, if you don’t work… Read More »

Why Your Calgary Business Needs Specialized IT Support

When you choose Calgary managed IT services like Calitso — and choose to work with Calgary IT experts — you can focus on what your business does best. As the owner of a successful business, you’re already working hard to grow your company, hire the right people for your team and ensure you’re offering a great product or… Read More »

The Calitso Business Story

Calitso has been providing exceptional IT support, innovative solutions and unmatched customer service to Calgary businesses since 2011. Since officially launching in 2011, Calitso has become a known player across town for its cutting-edge Calgary managed IT services.