IT Support & Services For Non Profit in Calgary

When operating a nonprofit, you and your staff need to devote your time to your community and overall mission rather than the back-office technology that makes the organization run.

At Calitso IT, we work with you to design solutions for your organization, and your budget

IT Support For Non Profit in Calgary

We understand that you want agile, up-to-date, and optimized IT services but must do so with budgetary constraints in place. As such we offer an all-inclusive managed IT service you can budget on.

We have relationships with not-for-profit suppliers of software and hardware so you can minimize your costs. We are a Microsoft partner so we can help you take advantage of Microsoft not-for-profit offerings.

Most important of all, we understand your need for professional IT support that brings real value to your organization.

With Calitso, our experienced IT staff will improve operational efficiency, and help you reduce capital expenses. 

Our industry-leading solutions mean a more reliable IT infrastructure, enhanced productivity which creates greater value for your business. 

Our focus on customer service will improve the user experience and improve overall service.   

Your business deserves better IT and Calitso provides that through our managed services.

Why Calitso's Managed Services?

At Calitso, we understand the importance of customer service, business and overall operations and how technology can support these areas. 

With our managed  IT services you get: