Email Security & Spam Filtering


Calitso Protects Your Business!

Email is an integral part of business today.  Whether you have on-premise email or use Gmail or Office 365 you are always at risk.  Calitso works with organizations to improve email security.  Whether that’s enhanced security software, password management or multi factor authentication we provide the right solution for every business.  It’s a tough balance for many companies as they don’t want to hinder productivity by creating layers of complexity but on the other hand they must take steps to ensure data protection.  Calitso’s email security solutions takes into account the users requirement for fast applications with those of data protection and security of the organization.

Viruses are dangerous because they can infect your systems and cause a number of concerns.  They can slow down your systems, use your systems as a launching pad for additional malicious attacks or in a worst case scenario, cause your data to be lost or infected with ransomware.  In order to prevent the introduction of viruses you need best in class virus/malware detection and 24/7 monitoring.  Calitso has you covered as virus protection and monitoring is included with all our Managed Service customers.

Spam also known as junk mail may seem harmless or just a nuisance but it could be carrying viruses or be a phishing attempt.

Phishing is one of the fastest growing and most common security threats. Email Phishing is the attempt to acquire usernames, passwords and other credentials or personal information through a misleading email.  It can take the form of an email, web link or attachment that may seem legitimate but the sole purpose is to get you to enter confidential information.  These emails need to be blocked before they even get to the user.  Calitso’s security software applications has predictive learning capabilities and continues to weed out these phishing attempts and protect your business.


Calitso’s Security and Email protection services helps by blocking spam, viruses and other malicious attacks before they can even reach your network.  We use best in Class anti-malware and ransomware protection, email filtering and multi Factor authentication to protect our customer’s data and systems.