VoIP Business Phone Solutions

Calitso provides Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems in the Calgary and surrounding area.

After all, what is more important to business success than communicating professionally and promptly with customers and colleagues?

From robust, highly technical PBX systems to modern, cloud-based feature- rich phone solutions, there is a variety of options to address your telephone communication needs. The latter was once only available to companies who could afford to design and implement their own phone solutions. Today, VOIP is the way to go due to its affordability, advanced technology, lowered adoption barriers and its world class uniqueness for businesses of all sizes. If you have an internet connection you can set up a very simple but powerful VOIP phone system to save both time and money.

Calitso’s VOIP phone systems include:

  • Auto-Receptionist
  • Flexible Extension Structure
  • Multiple Voicemail Boxes
  • Smart Call Routing
  • Business Answering Rules
  • Extension Dialing
  • Call Transfers
  • Smartphone Integration
  • Hardware handset options

A VoIP phone solution gives you all the telecommunication capabilities that today’s businesses demand, while providing an easy to configure and intuitive phone system controls.

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