Our Unique Approach

At Calitso we provide an IT experience better than any other Managed IT Services Company in the Calgary area. 

We bring together Expert IT, Exceptional Customer Service and a unique understanding of Business Operations. 

By combining these elements we create a much better user experience and help your business leverage technology.  

What makes Calitso Better?

At Calitso we’ve spent years working with clients, listening to their IT challenges, and learning what’s important to them. We’ve heard what clients want, and built an IT experience around 6 concepts.  

In addition to our exceptional IT skills, all our staff understand that customer service, being accountable, and the art of listening to our customers is what truly separates Calitso from other Managed Service providers. 

We work hard to understand your business so we can offer proper solutions that integrate into all your business areas. By entrusting us with your IT systems, the onus is on us to be proactive and show the value of our partnership. All of our staff take great pride in providing exceptional service and fast response times.  

Our success comes from the success of the companies we partner with.

New Customer Process

It can be overwhelming transitioning to a new IT Service company. We understand that IT is an integral part of your business and our change management process ensures a very smooth transition for your staff and a seamless hand-off of all your systems.

We provide additional resources for the first 90 days to ensure we fully understand the needs of your business and start our relationship off on the right foot.

We provide you with a baseline on your company’s current technological state by performing a network assessment. This allows us to draft the best-customized solution for you based on those results.

Detailed Onboarding

We start off all our new engagements with a dedicated onboarding/project manager.  Their role is to document your systems and gather all relevant information so we can start providing support. If you have a previous technology provider, we will directly work with them to ensure a smooth, seamless transition. 

We will thoroughly document your technology and all key information. This enables us to create a detailed blueprint of your whole network infrastructure as well as any unique or proprietary setups. We detail any past issues to ensure those are addressed right away. 

24/7 Remote Support

Our service desk team is located right here in Calgary! We would never outsource such an important function as service desk support.

Calitso employees are constantly trained in different technologies and solutions so we can provide rapid, professional 24/7 service. We are immediately available so we can minimize any potential interruptions. You can reach out to our help desk team via phone or email through our advanced ticketing system.

IT issues should never prevent you and your staff from getting your jobs done. With our friendly and highly trained team, and instant response, you will see the level of IT service that your business deserves.

Dedicated Onsite Technician

Every customer receives their own dedicated technician who will assist you with all your technology needs while onsite. This person is your designated advocate and their greatest responsibility is to make sure you are satisfied with the services you are receiving.

You can be confident that your technician will always look out for your business technology and be your liaison for any technical issues you may have.

Our onsite techs work closely with our service desk to ensure all requests are handled as quickly as possible.

IT Strategic Guidance & IT Roadmap

In addition to our project managers, onsite technicians, service desk staff you also have access to our management and executive teams. These teams provide ongoing IT strategies and IT roadmaps. Regular quarterly reviews, annual IT budgets and long-term IT plans are all included in our Managed Services.

We help develop evergreen or hardware refresh plans based on business needs, warranty and software requirements. We review support tickets to identify areas requiring extra training or support. Most importantly, we help lay out an IT roadmap and proper project plan to help businesses leverage technology and to ensure technology is meeting the needs of the business. 

We understand that every business is unique and IT solutions require proper discussion and planning. Technology and IT strategy should integrate into the business plan and overall company direction.

Too often, an IT provider isn’t listening or understanding the business objective and instead tries to force a solution that just doesn’t fit the customer. This creates frustration, overly complicated network systems, added capital expenses and an overall poor user experience.

At Calitso we understand both IT and Business. We listen and collaborate with the companies we partner with so we can provide the proper solutions and help build a long-term IT strategy.