Five Business Apps You Can't Live Without

The Smartphone has many features that are beneficial in today's Business Environment. I have picked five Business Apps that I think every business man or women, especially ones in sales, should have. These app not only will help organize a few tasks bet also improve your efficiency. The first three are a must for all businesses, and the last two are for small business owners.

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Square Reader Business App

First and Foremost I recommend Doc2Go by DataViz Inc. This app allows you to sync your smartphone with your desktop computer or laptop. Docs2Go allows fast and easy access to your SD card, if you have one, and recognizes all Microsoft Office file types. Docs2Go has been around for many years allowing it to sync with most if not all phone types. It recognizes many file types, including PDF.

The second App that I recommend is Camscanner by InySig Information Co Ltd. This App allows you to take a picture of a Document and convert it into a PDF. Personal uses include receiving a contract while in the car, going to the nearest Kinkos, printing it out, sign it, and send it back via Skype or Email. Its nice to be able to convert any image into a PDF, sign it and send it for your Smartphone on the fly.

The third app that I recommend is CamCard also by Intsig Information Co. Ltd. People say that the business card is going away, well this app is certainly helping this prediction. Recent updates to this app allow you to backup your pics and have a cloud based rolodex available on the fly. The way that it works is you take a picture of the business card, the program crops the photo and scraps the information and adds it to your contact list with a photo of the business card. The scrap, auto fills all the information including, telephone, email, office number and work. When finished uploading the card, hand the card back to the Contact, and Save a Tree:)

The fourth app that is a business must have, is RingCentral . Ringcentral allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as your business phone and fax via WiFi. With Ringcentral you are able to fax via Email, with integration with CamScanner, you now have the choice to either email or fax a signed document. The app allows you to visit your Cloud Based PBX, to monitor messages, call history and contacts. Great tool for business, especially ones that don't want to setup a bunch of phone lines for telephone, fax, voicemail.

The fifth and final app, is a Square by Square Inc. This App allows you to accept Visa or Mastercard payments on the fly or within your business . Everyone is using credit cards these days, and it's proven that people spend more money when they pay by credit card. Traditionally credit card machines we're thought to be overly expensive and high merchant service fees we charged on every transaction. With square, you can use your smartphone or Tablet to accept payments. Square will send you a free reader by mail, which plugs into the 3.5 mm jack (headphone jack) on the smartphone or tablet which allows you to swipe cards. Square charges a processing fee of 2.75% of the purchase and will deposit this into your American Bank account in two Business days. An example, if you we're to charge $10 for a product or service, you would be paying $.27 in order to accept their credit card.

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