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Your Network Is the Backbone of Your Infrastructure

Your IT network connects your business to employees as well as customers, and ensures that applications, data, digital communications, and other such resources are secure and accessible.

Without the right network services and configurations, your business is vulnerable to a host of different threats, including revenue leakage. 

Calitso IT offers cohesive, all-inclusive network services in Calgary with 24/7 monitoring and helpdesk support. 

Ensure that your enterprise network and its infrastructure are optimized, monitored, and securely managed. The combined minds of Calitso IT services offer scalable solutions more valuable than any network technician in Calgary.

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All-Inclusive Pricing

Your business will never have to sacrifice one vital service for another, regardless of its size or needs. The all-inclusive pricing at Calitso IT ensures that all of our clients have access to the invaluable services of our team.

Scalable Solutions

Wherever your business is in its journey, Calitso IT is proud to offer optimized, assessment-based network services and solutions that fit just right. Whether your organization is brand new or is well-established in its industry, Calitso IT designs and implements the best network services for its needs.

Agile Implementation

Our experts understand how disruptive changes to IT infrastructure can be, which is why change-management is a top priority for all of our accounts. Minimize downtime and transition with ease when you work with Calitso IT.

24/7 Monitoring

Our highly responsive and completely local help desk provides active support and monitoring with all of our network services in Calgary. Calitso IT’s reliable enterprise network management services provide business owners peace of mind that can’t be bought.

We Take Care of All Network Services

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Infrastructure Planning

IT infrastructure includes everything from hardware components to software and applications. The proper delegation of specific IT systems to serve various functions is essential for any modern enterprise. Your infrastructure serves the purpose of streamlining productivity while increasing contingency for future scaling. Be absolutely certain that the proper IT foundations are laid for success with Calitso IT.

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Network Design

Your telecommunication network could be considered the veins of your enterprise, delivering essential information across the board. It is important that your network is designed to prioritize business objectives, but this requires selective expertise. Allow Calitso IT to set your organization up for success with our network planning and design services.

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Network Security

Is your network completely secure? If you think it is, how do you know? As remote access grows in necessity and more organizations join the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) wave, network security measures have become absolutely essential. Be sure of who has access to your most valuable digital assets with the help of Calitso IT.

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Remote Monitoring

Be sure that your network is always secure with the help of our local, 24/7 help desk. Utilizing advanced enterprise network management strategies, Calitso IT prevents issues before they have the chance to develop. These include setting user permissions to improve the likelihood of a secure connection, which in turn assist security projects such as change management and incident response. Learn more about our network services in Calgary by contacting Calitso IT today.

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