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IT Services For Law Firms

When it comes to the practice of law, the organization and protection of sensitive files, evidence, events, and other information is paramount to all operations. With law practitioners already managing busy schedules and high volumes of case files, outsourcing the management of IT services maximizes productivity. Mitigate unnecessary downtime and allow Calitso IT to improve operational efficiency with our highly experienced team of IT professionals. 

Our industry-leading solutions not only bolster the performance of your practice but protect your clients sensitive information from ransomware attacks and other threats from hackers. Keep your business running smoothly and prevent unexpected disruptions with the help of Calitso IT.

ERP Systems & Dictation Software

ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems aid in the management of day-to-day business activities and applications such as accounting, case management, scheduling, and more, positioning your business for success. Along with dictation applications, the correct selection and implementation of these softwares will streamline the productivity of your business.

Business Continuity Planning

Disruptive incidents happen, and proper business continuity planning prior to such an event can make or break the future of your enterprise. Calitso IT helps businesses to protect themselves by setting up and maintaining the capabilities your business needs to prepare for all manner of digital disasters.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backups

Regaining access and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disastrous event is crucial to the survival of any enterprise, but may be impossible without the proper preparations. Calitso IT is highly experienced in the protection and recovery of key digital assets to business infrastructures after any kind of unexpected, disastrous event.

Ransomware & Threat Protection

Hackers know that lawyers and law practitioners hold valuable intelligence regarding sensitive case files and personal client information. Sophisticated attacks designed to infiltrate private networks can be prevented with the proactive planning, agility, and resourcefulness that Calitso IT offers. Learn more about our industry-leading technology and offers can do for your practice today.

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