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Making Cloud Migration More Manageable

Cloud services have changed the way that businesses control digital assets and corporate IT solutions. When your organization is securely integrated, taking advantage of cloud computing increases productivity and allows for smart and agile management. From file storage to remote access, cloud migration has become a fundamental resource in modern business operations.

But how can companies manage the challenges of cloud migration without unnecessary downtime, temporary losses of functionality, and the misplacement of important files? Trust Calitso’s managed IT services. Our inclusive pricing and highly responsive, 24/7 help desk services ensure an entirely smooth migration and sustainable cloud computing functionality. Get more out of your business with Calitso IT.

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Whatever your business needs, Calitso IT scales services to match. We ensure that your business is running at optimal capacity with the cloud productivity platforms that you need. Calitso IT is highly experienced in adapting cloud solutions to fit any organization, wherever you are in your business.


Manage capital expenditures while minimizing operational costs with efficient, effective, and affordable cloud services. Our all-inclusive, highly responsive supports are designed to make your investment go further with visible improvements to the efficiency of real-time operations.


Compromises to the secure management of your digital assets can make or break the success of your business. It is absolutely essential to protect cloud computing functionalities with advanced cybersecurity guards that are as sophisticated as emerging digital threats. Calitso IT confidently utilizes the biggest security benefits of cloud computing, from ransomware protection to backup services.


Cloud migration has many benefits, from improving operations to increasing data storage. Maintain access to files, applications, and documents from anywhere, anytime, with anyone. For remote workforces or folks in the field, cloud computing provides unparalleled efficiency, live updates, and simplified communications.

Cloud Services By Calitso

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Microsoft Office 365 Migration & Support

Your administrative team has enough on their plate: allow Calitso IT to safely, securely, and efficiently migrate multiple user mailboxes, directory services, and more to Microsoft 365. Our highly responsive team assists in the synchronization and management of user accounts for any environment.

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Microsoft Azure Migration & Support

Microsoft Azure is a game-changing cloud computing platform providing application management around the world. Because it is the only consistent hybrid cloud service, Microsoft Azure migration offers great flexibility and key business insights. Calitso IT will help your company to make the most of this pay-as-you-go multi-service platform from migration to operational scaling.

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Backups & Cybersecurity

Calitso IT prioritizes your organizations security in every sense, regardless of what projects are being tackled. With proactive cloud synchronization and backups along with comprehensive cybersecurity efforts, we provide the corporate IT solutions and contingency you need. Calitso’s expansive experience and always-developing aptitude ensures your business will never have to worry about “what if”.

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