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  Managed IT | Cloud Migration | Network Security | System Backups | Disaster Recovery | Network Design | Email Security | Spam Filtering | IT Consulting | Office 365 | Microsoft Azure | Network Monitoring | Virtualization | VoIP | Assessments   Managed IT | Cloud Migration | Network Security | System Backups | Disaster Recovery | Network Design | Email Security | Spam Filtering | IT Consulting | Office 365 | Microsoft Azure | Network Monitoring | Virtualization | VoIP | Assessments

it service management

IT Services Calgary

  Managed IT | Cloud Migration | Network Security | System Backups | Disaster Recovery | Network Design | Email Security | Spam Filtering | IT Consulting | Office 365 | Microsoft Azure | Network Monitoring | Virtualization | VoIP | Assessments   Managed IT | Cloud Migration | Network Security | System Backups | Disaster Recovery | Network Design | Email Security | Spam Filtering | IT Consulting | Office 365 | Microsoft Azure | Network Monitoring | Virtualization | VoIP | Assessments

it service management
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Calitso IT is proud to provide a wide variety of businesses and organizations with managed IT services in Calgary. The right IT service partner can make the difference in your business: engaging with a highly responsive team of IT professionals leverages your ability to focus on what you do best. 

Our cost-effective and customized IT services in Calgary truly complement your enterprise by increasing revenue, lowering operational costs, and mitigating risks to your business. As your technology partners, our combined expertise and curated strategies allow us to offer your business extraordinary security and exponential success. 

Calitso IT is so much more than a managed IT service provider: we are your partners in advancement. Scale your infrastructure while maintaining agility, maximize productivity, and mitigate threats to your business. Gain access to Calitso ITs dedicated network of professional partners, technicians, and project managers, and experience the difference our solutions create.

At Calitso IT, better IT from us means better business for you.

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Calitso IT was built on the desire to provide industry-leading IT services in Calgary that offer comprehensive value far beyond the average IT service menu.

Consistent project management, a highly responsive help desk, and our extensive experience in managed IT services in Calgary and practical business solutions set us apart.  

Calitso’s managed IT services program is designed to be an investment in your business. Our services include help desk, network planning, cloud, managed backups, hardware procurement, change management, business continuity, disaster recovery, systems security, systems management, systems monitoring and desktop support.

By assigning a dedicated technician to your business, we are able to provide on-site support on a regular basis. Your dedicated tech will know your business inside and out, never needing the learning curve that rotating tech crews require. Our primary goal is not just to fix your issue but to understand how your business can best integrate with your technology to set the stage for success.

Calitso provides IT support and solutions that create genuine, real-world, measurable results. We’re more than an IT company: we are partners in business success, invested in sustainable, long-term advancements for our clients. Working with Calitso guarantees much more than the foremost managed IT services in Calgary: our culture of expertise and efficiency puts us a cut above the rest.


Our local team of 24/7 help desk technicians are always actively available to help. Calitso IT takes pride in being both proactive and highly responsive, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks. A digital disaster can happen at any time - rest easy knowing you’re covered with Calitso IT.


Forget the IT guy that’s spread too thin: our dedicated team of technicians and project managers are ready for anything. Calitso IT learns your business inside and out to offer the best solutions possible for any IT challenge, and our project managers are diligent about getting the right work done from start to finish.

All-Inclusive Pricing

The experts at Calitso IT understand that no two organizations are exactly the same. Your business's IT requirements may vary as it develops, and it can be challenging to get a comprehensive view of the services you need without IT know-how. Our all-inclusive pricing ensures that no stone goes unturned on the mission to optimize and secure your business.

IT Road Mapping

Once Calitso IT has successfully assessed your IT needs, we can determine the best strategies to implement through step-by-step initiatives and guided resource management. Our IT consulting services provide businesses with a clear and concise plan on how to move forward, with what, and when. This careful planning ensures that resources are effectively distributed and efficiency is always maximized.

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Start the Process

Get in touch by contacting us at (587) 794-4134 or [email protected]  OR Request an Assessment here— be sure to mention our risk-free Seamless Switch program. Describe the IT needs of your business and we will begin our estimate.


Project Plan & Review

We will deliver a detailed project plan after assessing the needs of your organization. We determine the best course of action moving forward and begin to put the pieces in place to make it happen.


Home Run Ahead

THE FIRST MONTH IS FREE! Our team begins service at no charge to ensure a smooth, risk-free transition. We iron out any troubleshooting needed and begin to amplify your business.

Empowering Businesses Through Winning IT Services

Managed IT Services

Properly managed and synchronized IT services leverage the best parts of your business— when correctly applied. Calitso IT has years of dedicated experience in all aspects of business and IT management; and a deep understanding of how to craft cohesive IT solutions for any enterprise. 

Our managed IT services include anything and everything your business requires to meet your strategic goals. Some services included are monitoring and maintenance of servers, equipment, and networks, user education and training, consulting and CIO (chief information officer) services, cloud integration, data protection, and more. 

What we provide depends on what you need, and with our local technicians available at our helpdesk 24/7, Calitso IT has what it takes to protect and maintain your digital assets. For IT services in Calgary that exceed expectations, contact Calitso IT.

Cloud Services

Maximize the agility and functionality of your business with the benefits of secure cloud migration and data storage solutions.

Correctly using cloud services means utilizing the internet to leverage digital resources without additional hard or software. Keep remote access safe and profitable, enhance contingency measures, and troubleshoot any time with our 24/7 IT support services.

We offer migration and support services for Microsoft Office 365 and Azure and comprehensive cybersecurity and disaster backup services designed with your business top of mind. Life is better in the cloud: learn more about our cloud services today.


Calitso IT provides superior cybersecurity and compliance consultancy services to a wide variety of businesses and organizations. We protect proprietary data and your business network from every threat with our highly responsive, 24/7 monitoring and management. 

Calitso prevents your business from being exposed to cyber-attacks, ransomware, and more by staying 10 steps ahead with responsive cybersecurity services from veteran techs. Our decades of experience in various technological disciplines means our team is ready for anything. 

We cover all of your bases and ensure no digital doors are left unlocked. Expert cybersecurity is absolutely essential in protecting the reputation of your business. Click through to learn how we do more for your digital assets.

Disaster Recovery

Could your business handle losing its most important data? Calitso IT is proud to protect your most important assets, including but not limited to financial information, customer information, intellectual property, emails, and more.

Losing access to your critical systems doesn’t have to be as bad as it seems. Calitso IT provides comprehensive, responsive, and effective disaster recovery services from a foundation of knowledge and experience. 

Our versatility and expertise allow for effective, agile approaches that protect from disasters and costly— or irreparable— mistakes. Protect your reputation and your enterprise from losses that could prove fatal. Many businesses never recover from hacking and cyberattacks: avoid digital vulnerability with Calitso IT.

IT Consulting

Imagine how much more your business could accomplish with a team of tech experts analyzing and optimizing your digital operations. Receive Calitso’s expert advice at any time on almost anything to do with IT. We provide strategic insight to infrastructure, networks, software, hardware, cloud integration, cybersecurity, and more. 

With proven technology solutions, Calitso ensures that solutions we design grow with your business as well as enhance the durability of your IT investments. 

Investing in long-term roadmaps and upgrades to functionality can transform your business forecast. Surpass goals and exceed performance expectations with the type of alignment only Calitso IT can provide. Our depth of industry understanding and project management set up every endeavour for success: learn more about how we add value today. 

Network Services

Calitso IT offers cohesive and inclusive network services designed to meet the unique needs of your business. We provide best-in-class corporate IT solutions, including infrastructure planning, design, security, and remote monitoring.

Your network allows applications and data to connect within your organization. A safe and reliable network ensures that your team can connect between different business locations as well as with external parties such as clients or other businesses. Network security has never been more important as more and more aspects of business move online.

Our agile, comprehensive, and inclusively-priced service plans offer a wide variety of enterprise network services. All of our network services are custom designed to help businesses achieve their goals.

At Calitso IT, we take pride in offering the highest quality network services available. Whether you need help with network design and installation, security and compliance, or ongoing support and maintenance, our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best results. Contact us today to learn more about our managed IT services in Calgary and how we can help your business achieve its full potential.