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Ask about our SEAMLESS SWITCH program. We provide a detailed project plan and the first month at no charge to ensure a smooth, risk free transition.

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Why Partner With Calitso?

Our Managed IT Services program is designed to be an investment in your business. We are your technology partners, helping you along the way to success. With our local service desk, dedicated technicians, and project managers, you can ensure your technology is in the right hands enabling you to concentrate on your business.


Our services include help desk, network planning, cloud, managed backups, hardware procurement, change management, business continuity, disaster recovery, systems security, systems management, systems monitoring and desktop support.


We assign a dedicated technician to your business who provides on-site support on a regular basis. Your dedicated tech will know your business inside and out, never needing the learning curve that rotating tech crews require. Calitso’s dedicated techs truly embody the term dedicated, as their primary goal is not just to fix your issue but to understand how your business can best integrate with your technology to set the stage for success.


With our strong technical capabilities, sound business acumen, combined with our 24/7 local service desk and dedicated technicians there is no wonder why Calitso is your IT service provider of choice.

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Exactly Why to Pick Calitso?

Here at Calitso all of us take being a managed IT service incredibly seriously. We all understand that truly any time people are shopping to get a stellar IT service people prefer the best. That's why we truly attempt to be really the slickest managed IT service we can possibly be inside Alberta. It's our commitment to really becoming the winner that has earned us truly significant admiration here with our consumers.

Being a stellar IT service we all of course definitely strive to take the time to answer each of our buyers problems with great diligence and with no waiting. We invariably spend the time. All of us believe that it's incredibly important to make certain clientele feel really understood and also taken care of.

Now there really are not an excess of managed IT service who possess the specific knowledge plus experience to label themselves as being front runner of their industry. Combine this together with a high amount of buyer service and we certainly feel we are the ideal stellar IT service around Alberta.

Ready to get moving?

All this starts with a simple phone call.

Phone 1 587.794.4134.

We are happy to discuss your current managed IT service inquiries at length on the telephone or perhaps by using e mail in case this is preferable for yourself. Following that we can easily suggest the remedy which best matches your current needs. Find out just why people refer to us as the best stellar IT service!

Continue to Want Persuading? Additional Arguments Why Calitso is really An Amazing IT Provider

Dedication to Excellence - A Stellar IT Service and A Stellar IT Service

Our loyalty to fine quality is definitely extraordinarily excessive. When you're endeavoring to become a stellar IT service or a stellar IT service, there is seriously no other alternative but to really give it your best possible in order to shine. If perhaps a specific purchaser needs extra attention, all of us grant this consumer added time. Almost anything to be able to be certain they are thrilled with us as a managed IT service. Realize, we do service virtually all of Alberta, and so feel free to email us.

Commitment - A Stellar IT Service and A Stellar IT Service

Our valued purchasers have mentioned our team as a stellar IT service, a stellar IT service, a stellar IT service combined with the ideal Alberta situated managed IT service you'll find! Honestly this would not happen unless there is extremely diligent toil plus persistence for the businesses customers and then the unparalleled quality bestowed within your completed product. If you will be shopping around to obtain a stellar IT service, we all definitely feel that we are truly the most effective pick. Call Calitso to go over your expections immediately! 1 587.794.4134.

Experience - A Stellar IT Service and A Stellar IT Service

For virtually any marketplace, knowledge is a top component affecting good results. If you might be wanting a stellar IT service, well then this point will be much more accurate. Being a managed IT service, we will definitely show anyone categorically how the end quality is actually decided by the practical knowledge of the organization that you're employing. The extremely large amount of knowledge which Calitso has got in being a stellar IT service, is actually the reason you actually have to entrust all of us with your invaluable patronage. If perhaps you happen to be browsing for a stellar IT service, believe in Calitso. Ensure you communicate with us immediately.

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We cannot get underpriced. Now don't pay high fees only because you did not inquire with us. Certain you were given an amazing price now? You should be absolutely totally assured? Consult with all of us. You might just discover that we are in fact more suitable option. Numerous customers have in the past.

Deciding on the right managed IT service to hire is a difficult task. Otp for a well informed choice. You can speak with us with actually zero requirement to know for yourself if we are the perfect managed IT service for you.

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