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Ask about our SEAMLESS SWITCH program. We provide a detailed project plan and the first month at no charge to ensure a smooth, risk free transition.

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Why Partner With Calitso?

Our Managed IT Services program is designed to be an investment in your business. We are your technology partners, helping you along the way to success. With our local service desk, dedicated technicians, and project managers, you can ensure your technology is in the right hands enabling you to concentrate on your business.


Our services include help desk, network planning, cloud, managed backups, hardware procurement, change management, business continuity, disaster recovery, systems security, systems management, systems monitoring and desktop support.


We assign a dedicated technician to your business who provides on-site support on a regular basis. Your dedicated tech will know your business inside and out, never needing the learning curve that rotating tech crews require. Calitso’s dedicated techs truly embody the term dedicated, as their primary goal is not just to fix your issue but to understand how your business can best integrate with your technology to set the stage for success.


With our strong technical capabilities, sound business acumen, combined with our 24/7 local service desk and dedicated technicians there is no wonder why Calitso is your IT service provider of choice.

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Should You Choose Calitso?

Here at Calitso we sincerely look at becoming a managed IT service incredibly seriously. All of us understand that undoubtably when folk are shopping to find a fabulous IT service these people want the greatest. Therefore we all try to really be the best managed IT service we possibly can be around Alberta. It is really our determination to truly remaining the finest that has gained us such high esteem here with our valued customers.

Being a fabulous IT service all of us in addition always strive to remember to listen to every one of our clienteles' inquiries with patience and without judgment. All of us always take time. We insist it's very crucial to ensure buyers really feel appreciated and taken care of.

There really are not an excess of managed IT service who have the correct skill set together with know how to market their service as a front runner inside their niche. Blend that with our high amount of customer support and certainly we feel we are the ideal fabulous IT service inside Alberta.

Dying to get moving?

All this gets underway with a call.

Phone 1 587.794.4134. /h3>

We'll be thrilled to talk about your managed IT service inquiries in more detail over the phone or perhaps via e mail if perhaps that is best for yourself. From there we shall recommend the remedy which idealy fulfils your present circumstances. Find out exactly why people do refer to us as the best fabulous IT service!

Still Require Enticing? Other Outstanding Reasons Calitso is truly An Amazing IT Provider

Dedication to Top Quality - A Fabulous IT Service and A Fabulous IT Service

Our commitment to higher quality is definitely incredibly substantial. In case you are endeavoring to be a fabulous IT service or a fabulous IT service, there is in fact not one other choice but to really give it your personal best to stand out. Whenever any specified customer requires further effort, we offer this valued buyer additional time. Nearly anything to be able to be confident they are very happy with us all as a managed IT service. Take into account, we support all of Alberta, and so you should contact us.

Devotion - A Fabulous IT Service and A Fabulous IT Service

Some purchasers have indeed mentioned our business as a fabulous IT service, a fabulous IT service, a fabulous IT service combined with the leading Alberta area managed IT service you'll find! This would not materialise unless there's incredibly diligent work plus commitment to the businesses consumers and then the top quality inherent within your finished work. In case you're shopping to obtain a fabulous IT service, we genuinely believe we really are the preferred choice. Phone Calitso to talk about your needs now! 1 587.794.4134.

Experience - A Fabulous IT Service and A Fabulous IT Service

Within most any marketplace, experience is usually a key ingredient in relation to good results. When you may be requiring a fabulous IT service, this fact will be all the more real. As a managed IT service, we can easily tell anyone in person how the final outcome is very much defined by the expertise of the company that you have been employing. The undeniably large volume of expertise which Calitso provides being a fabulous IT service, is simply why you must invest in us with your valued critical requirements. Whenever you will be searching to get a fabulous IT service, think of Calitso. Ensure you talk to us all today.

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We refused to be underpriced. Now don't pay ridiculous rates simply because you couldn't contact all of us. Think you currently have an amazing price presently? Need to be absolutely positively guaranteed? Talk with all of us. You may simply learn that we are in truth better choice. Many clientele have previously.

Deciding on just what managed IT service to work with is a confusing task. Otp for a well informed decision. You will want to make contact with all of us with absolutely no expectations to fully understand on your own if we all are actually the perfect managed IT service for you.

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