Construction & Architecture

IT Services For Construction Companies

Calitso’s managed IT services ensure that construction and architecture businesses are adeptly supported in all of their IT requirements. From managing remote workforces to optimizing archival applications, Calitso IT has the experience and expertise necessary to buttress your business endeavors. 

Our seasoned professionals are trained to adapt with the steadily advancing technology of the construction and architecture field. With familiarity to the unique needs of this industry, Calitso IT is able to quickly assist with the unique services required of each business and its infrastructure. By actively observing your organizations needs while surveying the horizon for potential issues, we help businesses to stay proactively prepared for any technological challenges they might face.

File Storage & Retrieval

Proper file storage and retrieval is essential in the world of construction and architecture. The right digital structures and data storage solutions can make or break a business, and high volumes of stored files such as blueprints and graphics need to be accounted for. Calitso IT has the experience to manage these and other challenges so that you can focus on the projects at hand.

Remote Access & Support

As the capabilities of remote work increase all over the world, it becomes more and more important for businesses to have secure remote access and support to their systems and networks. Calitso IT is proud to offer these bundled IT management services and more in support of construction businesses.

Hardware as a Service

Hardware as a service (HaaS) is a procurement model that allows businesses to access the advantages of various hardwares. These hardwares and services are monitored and owned by your managed service provider - Calitso IT. This means that your business recieves the benefits of specialized hardware without the risks of investing in ownership.

Network Connectivity

Construction and architectural industries now require the ability to connect with specialized technologies while working on the field. Advanced softwares and geographic information systems rely on secure connections for functionality. Ensure that your workers maintain their connection wherever they are with Calitso IT’s network connectivity support.

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