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Protect Your Critical Data With Disaster Recovery Services

Protecting proprietary and internal data doesn’t need to be complex or costly, but it does need to be done correctly. Get it done right with IT services in Calgary from Calitso IT. There are many different threats to the critical data of your business that could result in lengthy disruptions or permanent damage.

But with the right disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place, your enterprise could be immune to any unexpected catastrophe.

Calitso IT is proud to offer localized and highly responsive data backup and recovery to Calgary businesses and organizations. With years of experience and expertise that evolves, we are always prepared to rescue your critical data from any disaster (before it unfolds).

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Enhance Stability

Simply put, proper data backup and recovery in Calgary ensures that your business is not susceptible to service disruptions. Whether dealing with international game-changers or just an unexpected hardware failure, keep operations steadily moving with the help of Calitso IT.

Have a Proactive Plan

The best offense is a good defense: be proactive with disaster recovery services that work for you. Don’t make the mistake of waiting to deal with an issue when it arises. Protect your enterprise with proactive disaster recovery planning and strengthen your security before it’s too late.

Minimize Downtime

Calitso IT has the experience and acumen to help your enterprise build the optimal business continuity plan. We will carefully assess your organization to develop contingencies and ensure operational interruptions are completely minimized. Keep things rolling with Calitso IT.

Ensure Continuity

Find your business ahead of the game and ensure operational continuity with Calitso IT. There are so many different challenges that businesses can face when it comes to the management of digital assets. Our highly trained professionals will ensure that productivity isn’t disrupted with the best data recovery in Calgary.

What’s Included With Our Disaster Recovery Services?

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Calitso IT has the experience and expertise necessary to create the best disaster recovery plan for your business. It is essential to compile a complete inventory of hardware, software, applications, and data to ensure all of your assets are secure. From here, a careful strategy to back up all of this critical information is key to any potential need for data recovery in Calgary.

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24/7 Monitoring & Management

What would your immediate course of action be if you suddenly lost access to critical systems? Do you have the necessary response prepared to stop cyberattacks or prevent operational downtime? Calitso IT provides 24/7 active monitoring and management with our all-inclusive pricing so that you can focus on what you do best and allow your IT team to handle the rest.

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Complete On-Site & Off-Site Backups

Ensure that your most valuable data is always accessible with complete on-site and off-site backups. Calitso IT will find the best storage solutions for all proprietary files and information so that whatever circumstances arise, you maintain access to your most valuable assets.

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Cloud Backups

Cloud computing is changing the way that businesses operate around the world. The conveniences of cloud backups are vast, and include saving money as well as other resources. Depending on the needs of your business, cloud services may be more economic than localized storage options that would require hardware, software, and other capital purchases.

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Business Continuity Plan

If your business encountered a serious disruption, would it be able to maintain operations? This is a cybersecurity question that too many enterprises fail to address. Calitso IT provides the expertise needed to create a successful business continuity plan. We will ensure your organization has the best system of procedures in place to restore critical functions fast.

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