IT Services For the Healthcare Industry

Where health and wellness are concerned, the right IT solutions are imperative. Healthcare professionals need to focus on their work rather than the distractions that come with faulty technology – a patient’s life could depend on it. 

Calitso IT has the experience and knowledge required to ensure that your systems meet strict regulatory compliances while prioritizing agility, security, and data resilience. With genuine proficiency in the major softwares and protocols of the healthcare arena, Calitso IT is the answer to all of the IT needs of your practice. From building the right infrastructure for your needs to integration with provincial healthcare requirements, Calitso IT is proud to assist practitioners and their employees in their daily work.

ERP & Scheduling Software

At Calitso IT, we are deeply aware of the complexities that come with managing ERP (enterprise resource planning) and scheduling software. Management of patient recall, appointment scheduling, billing requirements, patient files, practice supplies, and more depends on the smooth functioning of these programs and applications. Calitso IT ensures that all of these operations run smoothly.

Data Encryption & Security

There is almost nothing more important than the secure storage and sharing of data when it comes to technology in the healthcare industry. Calitso IT has the experience and expertise necessary to securely manage all internal privacy protocols. We work closely with you to ensure that any and all privacy requirements are met within your practice.

Managed IT Services

We know that the information technology requirements of any practice are unique, which is why we offer inclusive managed IT services. Calitso IT will help you build a service plan that meets the needs of your organization so that you get everything you need without paying for additional services.

Hardware as a Service

From remote patient monitoring to retail health applications, HaaS (hardware as a service) has become fundamental to the healthcare industry. Calitso IT offers the procurement and management of specialized hardware as a service so that your practice can focus on operations while gaining the benefits of the hardware you need.

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