Nonprofit Organizations

IT Services For Nonprofit Organizations

The operation of any nonprofit requires careful coordination and planning. Properly organizing all resources, from developing assets to distributed inventory, is essential to your mission’s success. This is where creative solutions and strategic automation can truly make the difference for your not-for-profit enterprise. This is why Calitso IT leverages relationships with nonprofit suppliers and partners supporting this industry. 

With Calitso IT, nonprofit organizations are supported in budgetary and operational efficiency. Our inclusive, affordable managed IT services also ensure that your sensitive information is protected from cyberthreats. Calitso IT is proud to provide comprehensive support to not-for-profit enterprises to ensure that all of your operations are massively successful. 

All-Inclusive Pricing

Our all-inclusive pricing ensures that your organization doesn’t need to pick and choose between the services that are needed. Calitso IT offers comprehensive IT support and solutions that are designed to fit each unique business we service. Our highly responsive team of IT experts aid in everything from miscellaneous questions to full project management.

Not-For-Profit Software Suppliers

At Calitso IT, we understand that your nonprofit organization needs to maximize efficiency with the resources at hand. This is why we partner with not-for-profit software suppliers and agencies to provide high-value, integrated, budget-friendly solutions. Calitso IT has carefully crafted a network of valuable IT industry relationships to benefit our clientele.

Not-For-Profit Hardware Suppliers

Procuring the hardware you need to operate at maximum efficiency can be a challenge in nonprofit industries. This is why Calitso IT is proud to partner with not-for-profit hardware suppliers who provide the resources necessary to get the job done. Calitso IT understands the value that nonprofit enterprises need to move forward in their work.

Microsoft Not-For-Profit Partnership

Reduce costs, manage infrastructure constraints, enhance security, and continue scaling up - all based on the needs of your organization. Calitso IT is proud to provide support to eligible nonprofit enterprises in taking advantage of Microsoft’s not-for-profit offerings. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your organization in accessing and managing various Microsoft resources.

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