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Cybersecurity For Your Most Important Assets

The right cybersecurity protects all aspects of your critical systems— including their sensitive information— from a broad range of digital threats and disasters. But as electronic business operating systems grow in complexity, so do cyber attacks.   

Many businesses find themselves vulnerable to targeting simply because essential functions, such as payment systems, are electronically stored and operated. Calitso IT prevents digital assets from becoming liabilities with exemplary cybersecurity services in Calgary.

Ransomware and malware, computer viruses, data breaches, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks all threaten business security and trustworthiness. Protect your most valuable resources with the help of Calitso IT, your Calgary cybersecurity experts.

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Get Peace of Mind 24/7

When you have experts minding your cybersecurity, there’s no need to worry about complex breaches or preventative steps. Our team resolves potential issues before you have time to open our report. Calitso IT provides 24/7, highly responsive monitoring, support, and cybersecurity solutions to meet your business needs.

Preserve Your Reputation

Damage to your reputation from a cyber attack can have serious long-term consequences for your business. Rather than dealing with a permanent mark on hard-won success, go even further with the proactive security measures of Calitso IT, your source for IT services in Calgary.

Avoid Costly Disruptions

Underestimating the power of enterprise network security could cost you. With Calitso IT’s preemptive security measures and active monitoring, stop business disruptions before they can happen. Thanks to our decades of acumen, Calitso IT is ready to be your network security service provider.

Ensure Compliance

As the world of tech develops, so do necessary compliances. Be 100% certain that your organization is running within the lines of privacy, security, and legal compliances with the expertise of Calitso IT. Never second guess whether you are meeting regulatory requirements within your business again.

What’s Included With Our Cybersecurity Services?

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Virus, Malware & Ransomware Protection

Viruses, malware, and ransomware attacks happen, and can be highly disruptive— and even fatal to your business— without the right protections in place. Our team stays abreast of the real-time evolution of malware attacks and more. Take your enterprise out of the target zone: protect profits with Calitso IT.


Email Spam Filtering

Although spam communications could seem harmless, these emails are often attempted malware attacks or phishing. Unchecked spam emails can eventually choke inboxes and completely disrupt communications, preventing important messages from being seen. Avoid these and other issues with email spam filtering services from Calitso, your Calgary cybersecurity experts.

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Password Management & Authentication

Password management is one of the most important aspects of digital business ownership today. Mismanaged passwords and authentication can result in lock-outs, criminal access to key business infrastructures, and proprietary data breaches. Secure password management is essential to any organization. Keep your business safe with Calitso IT password management and authentication services.

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Remote Monitoring & Testing

Remote monitoring and testing ensures that your business has the right eyes on it, 24/7. No matter when or where your business operations are taking place, Calitso IT provides responsive monitoring and testing services to ensure that your digital infrastructure is strong. We proactively diagnose and manage any potential threats before they have the opportunity to develop thanks to our around-the-clock approach.

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Phishing Protection

No one expects that they will succumb to a phishing attack, but as criminals become more adept at composing fraudulent communications, the threats become more difficult to detect. Ensure no one in your business is victimized by scammers seeking your valuable proprietary information- trust Calitso IT.

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