Oil & Gas

IT Services For Oil & Gas Companies

Oil and gas companies require specified technologies and applications to effectively perform high level operations. With so many depending on the energy sector for essential daily resources, these technologies need to be performing at their best.

 Calitso IT takes pride in safeguarding proprietary information to protect investors and clients alike, ensuring that private networks are protected from dangerous threats and unnecessary downtime.

Calitso IT managed service company has extensive experience in guiding the security and accessibility of key network functions in the oil and gas sector. With years of dedicated experience, we know where to leverage focused efforts for the best results. Our custom packages deliver the highest standard of quality for infrastructure monitoring, application support, and data protection across the board. 

Infrastructure Monitoring

Calitso IT provides dedicated services that collect and monitor data relating to the health and performance of various core IT intel components. Calitso’s responsive and proactive monitoring systems protect servers, virtual machines, containers, databases, and other vital backend components from internal dysfunction as well as external threats.

Application Support

For dedicated support in the necessary functions and operational processes your business requires, trust Calitso IT. Calitso provides real-time maintenance of the various machines running applications to ensure all members of your team are able to effectively complete their duties without the disruption of faulty applications.

Data Protection

It is essential to protect proprietary data from all manner of threats when dealing with sensitive information. Regardless of what market your oil and gas business is in, Calitso IT is adept and agile enough to ensure that your most valuable digital assets are fully and completely secured.

Network Security

As more and more institutions migrate to remote workforces, the importance of enterprise network security is absolutely paramount. Calitso IT is here to help with the management of secure network access regardless of how many devices require integration and support. We are proactive in monitoring your network for optimal security to prevent threat development.

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