My favorite tools!

My favorite tools that we used in class this year we're Smore, Google Forms and word clouds. I really like the Smore resource because I thought that this would be a great tool for the students. Since this is a flyer, I would give them a topic and they could write about it and try and sell it to their readers. This fliers are completely different and unique to fliers that I have seen before. Kids could make it their own by adding different backgrounds and different colors and by adding their own pictures in.

The second tool I really liked was Google Forms. I like that I could use this and so could my students. This is a great way to quickly find out information about my students. The students could also use it to gather information about their classmates. I would love to use it at the beginning of the year and have each student make one for me and one for their classmates. This would be a great way for everyone to get to know each other in a fun and easy way!

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The third resource I liked we're the word clouds. I think that they are an awesome resource for the classroom and could be used in so many ways! I believe that students would absolutely love these too because they look awesome and are fun to make and look at. I would love to use these for spelling words. I would have the kids make a word cloud for their words each week and then tape it to their desk so they could look at it throughout the week!

This type of activity is perfect for addressing multiple intelligences and different learning styles. First off, this activity allows students the chance to use visual representation by using many pictures to describe certain places. This activity works well for auditory learners by allowing them to create a podcast and voicing their ideas and facts about the information. Lastly, this activity works well with bodily-kinesthetic learners as they can use the iMovie app which allows them to express themselves with movement. Students would respond to this activity in an exciting way due to the project being engaging and fun. Another reason why students would respond well to this is they get to choose the cities they want to report on. Choice is everything to a student. Overall this project was engaging and meaningful.

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