3 Ways to Bring Down your Unsubscribe Rates on your Website

It's sad but true that not everyone who comes to your blog and signs up for regular updates likes the stuff you write about. Some people will subscribe to you for a while until they realize they don't like it. Then they leave.

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But it's really such a waste of resources and the time you spent writing content that you gave your all to, only to have people leave because you made some small errors.

So how do you keep your subscribers and reduce the rate of those that leave? This is important especially when it comes to email marketing, and it can pay to know a few tricks of the trade.

But first, you will need to figure out why people unsubscribe. Well, here are some hints. It's either because you are sending in too many emails and flooding their inboxes, or you send untimely content that they are not expecting, and if you have no regular schedule for your posts. Also, if your posts are not niche or if they aren't clearly exclusive to the email, then people will be more likely to unsubscribe.

How do you solve these problems? Take a look.

1. Keep your email content specific and focused.

Many email marketers make the mistake of writing about anything and everything under the sun. You need to be aware that your subscribers are not there to find out your opinions about many things. They are subscribing to your emails because these emails solve problems relating to a particular niche. Therefore, make sure that your emails have content that is not too broad in scope and is focused in a particular niche, which is the subject that is most relevant to your brand. This is what your readers signed up to read about, so make sure that you satisfy their expectations.

2. Develop content only for email.

Make sure that you are not making the mistake of using the same content on your blog or website as your emailed newsletters. People will feel cheated having read through your email, having gotten interested enough to go to your website only to find they're reading the same info. Your mailing lists or newsletters should have completely different (and exclusive) content from your blog posts. People must feel that the emails are special or else they won't stick around.

3. If you don't plan on emailing regularly, let your readers know.

A big reason for people unsubscribing from email updates is irregular mailing. When people come to expect your posts or emails once a week, and then you don't send in anything for two months, it can get quite annoying for your readers. It's even worse to not send in any emails for that long and then send several in together in bulk.

Avoid this issue by letting your readers know that this is how your blog is going to be. You can use social media to keep people posted on where you are when you're not sending any mails and the progress you have made on your next post.

4. Tell readers what to expect.

Another reason why your readers are unsubscribing from your emails is because you may be sending in content when they aren't expecting any. With email inboxes difficult to manage as it is, the last thing people want is untimely mail. You could actually be sending a great blog post or product promo, but people may still unsubscribe, simply because you sent it at the wrong time.

To avoid such an unnecessary loss of customers, you will need to announce any possible posts in your previous one. Let your customer know in your regular content, about any pop up ad that you intend to send. Make sure that you keep the surprises you mail out to your customers to a minimum.

5. Create a schedule so you don't end up sending too many emails.

It's possible to be so eager to tell your readers about your product that you send too many mails in a period of time, and flood their inboxes. This can happen if you don't schedule your posts. You can end up having your subscribers receive not only your blog posts or newsletter but also any follow up posts that you decide to send. In order to avoid this problem of overlapping, create a schedule and stick to it.

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