Grammar errors

I am not exactly William Shakespeare and my grammar should definitely not be used as an example, so I would like to refer you to 5 common errors in writing in a brief but concise post.

My blog writing style is extremely dumbed down (not that I have a choice) into a relaxed conversational style, which allows me quite a bit of room for grammatical and punctuation errors. Sometimes writing errors are inexcusable and make the writer look like a rank amateur.

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Grammar Pros

1. Your v. You’re This can be easily done while trying to get a post out quickly, but it will be caught just as quick and make you like a third grader.

2. Its v. Its This one is easy to avoid because you can just read it out loud to yourself and immediately know which is which. (It is really easy to do this way) See how that works?

3. There v. Their This is usually just a spelling issue. The latter shows possession in the plural form.

4. Affect v. Effect Affect is a verb, effect is a noun or object. Rules can change, such as in the legal profession, but unless you’re an attorney, stick to the norm.

5. Dangling participle These are not as easy to pick out as you would think. Even some of the best copy editors, in the business, will miss the odd one.

What is the bottom line when it comes to improving your grammar and general writing skills? Believe it or not, reading well written content is the best way to improve your writing.

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