5 Types Of Computer Viruses You Might Want To Know About

A computer virus is one of the most common causes of computer damage. A virus is a program that attaches itself to a file or another program. The following are the five most common viruses that people encounter. If computers became affected, users might want to seek professional help.

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Macro virus – One of the most destructive viruses that hit the US is the ILOVEYOU virus which is considered as a macro virus. Macro viruses come as part of email documents and spreadsheets. In the past, when half the Internet world was unaware of the danger of opening suspicious emails, Macro viruses became widespread. Another popular form of a macro virus is the Melissa virus which also became widespread in the US.

Boot sector virus – This is one deadly virus because it could enable any user’s PC in just a matter of minutes. This virus causes damage by overwriting the boot sector of the hard drive. The boot sector is a very important part of the computer since it has all the information that is required for the PC to start up. Once the information has been deleted or overwritten, the computer will not be able to boot up. The boot sector virus became widespread at the time when floppy disks we’re still widely used.

File sector virus – Computers could be affected by this virus once infected executable files are opened. This is because file sector viruses attach themselves to executable files. While these executable files are running, the file sector virus is running as well. It attaches itself to other files inside the computer so that it could run when those programs are opened.

Stealth virus – Any person who does not have enough computer knowledge will easily catch this virus. Stealth viruses could fool antivirus software by providing clean versions of their own selves. In this way, antivirus programs will not consider them as threat. In short, they disguise they introduce themselves to the computer as “good guys.” This is so that they could damage the files without being detected by antivirus programs.

Self-modifying virus – Like the stealth virus, self-modifying viruses also fool antivirus programs. However, the difference is that they are stealthier than the stealth viruses because they are completely undetected by antivirus software. Self-modifying viruses changes their name every time they have infected the files. In this way, antivirus software will not be able to find them and exterminate them.

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