Building good incoming links

A little over a week ago I wrote a series of posts on how you can start building good incoming links to your website by using article marketing.

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One of the articles showed you how to get the most direct visitors with article marketing by copying what the professional are doing.

If you’re only just starting out with your website and want to start getting some traffic to the site, article marketing is an easy way to get going. I believe I told you to start by just submitting one or two articles a week as that would be something that everyone would be able to find the time to do and it would create and natural amount of incoming links to your site.

But the question is whether you actually did submit these two articles?

As my report will tell you the concept of only thinking of doing something but never really getting around to actually doing it is one of the major success killers out there. In order to be successful you need to make constant forward progress towards your goals. Thinking about it is not enough (even though The Secret might say so).

Personally I am working on one of my newer websites that have shown a lot of potential and I need to get it going by having both visitors come from the search engines but also from the article directories.

Since I wrote the article marketing posts last week I have submitted 12 articles to 2 different article directories and I am planning on submitting them to 4-5 more before this week is over. The great thing is that you can just take the exact same articles and submit them to the other directories without worries.

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