I’m Here, I’m Settled

Now, finally, I’m here in Afghanistan settled into my fancy little tree-fort of a room. I say finally because since New Years Day I’ve been slowly making my way to this point and I can only take so many days and nights of traveling and living out of, not a suitcase – but 4 big duffel bags.

Last Tuesday I left San Antonio and since then I’ve experienced a night in a crap hotel room in Baltimore (totally my fault), a ten hour layover in Turkey, a 36 hour stopover in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan where the temperature was somewhere around, oh I’d say 10 degrees, and where I enjoyed a night in a big tent with 150 bunk bedsall of them full. When I finally made it here to Afghanistan on Sunday I was put into a room where I had to wait a few days before moving into my permanent room. Tonight I can finally write and say I’m here, and I’m settled.

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I am living in a plywood hut that has eight separate plyrooms . Ooh, I just made up that word. The plywood rooms give it the tree-hut feel, but to be honest it’s better than I expected. I have a place to hang my clothes and a place to put my books. I even have a small TV, and an, albeit slow, internet connection. I plan on doing my best to make it feel like home.

The job is cool. Much busier, and much better, than what I was doing in San Antonio. I’m glad that is the case. I think it will help the time go by a little faster. As much as I complain, I think this is all pretty cool. It’s an experience more than anything and besides missing Stephanie more than is healthy, it’s not that bad.

Ill try to update this more often now that I’m settled and have an internet connection. The next six months I plan to read, write, and get ready for the next big adventure in my life: marriage. Oh yes folks, I’m still getting married. She has not, as many people might have hoped, changed her mind. Thankfully.

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