Promote through your mailing list

If you have a mailing list you can import this through the edit section under marketing and send an invite to all those on your mailing list that are also members of Facebook. Join related groups and post a link to your fan page in comments. Be careful not to spam and only do 5 or 6 comments in one go, leave it a few hours and then do a few more. Make sure you write something informative and catchy though.

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Get influential users or people with large fan bases of their own or a large number of friends to invite their friends or fans to like your page. If you just have 10 people do this who each invite or show your page to 100 others and only 10% like your page, you’d get 100 instant fans straight away. And of course these fans may promote your Facebook page to their fans and so on. This sparks initial growth and is a brilliant way to get your new fan page off to a flying start.

Search all members of groups related to your fan page and friends of friends for those that might be interested in your service or product. Request to be friends with these people and once confirmed you can suggest your page to them or they may decide to check out your fan page anyway and join. This should be an ongoing task to search out more and more people interested in your service or product and entice them to join your fan page.

(Remember if Sally decides to join your Facebook fan page and clicks LIKE it shows on her profile that she has likes your page. Her friends will likely be curious to see what page it is Sally liked and if they share similar interests will probably also click through to your page and also like it.)

Always add new content make sure your facebook page is constantly updated to keep fans interested and get new fans to join. There is nothing worse than discovering a fan page ideally suited to your interests and then seeing that there are no active discussions, no recent posts or topics.

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