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Your Guide to Important IT Acronyms

This short, simple IT glossary is here to help you better understand what some of those common acronyms you hear all the time actually mean. 

You’re an expert in your field, and chances are, the world of IT is very different from the world you work in and excel in each day. In fact, if you don’t work in IT full-time, all its acronyms might feel like a different language.

Think ACL is that ligament you tore skiing last winter? And SSH is what you tell your kids after 8 p.m.? Think again. 

In IT, there are acronyms that apply to everything from security to hardware to computing infrastructure. However, when you partner with Calitso, you don’t have to memorize all these acronyms and their meanings to make your business operate smoothly. Calitos is a team of IT experts who will ensure your business’s IT operates smoothly. 

But if you are interested in learning just a little bit about this realm, here are 10 acronyms you may have heard, what they stand for, and what they mean. 

What It Stands For: Access Control List

What It Means: This is a security-related IT acronym tied to computer filing systems. Think of it as a permission slip that allows (or disallows) certain users or systems to access something. For example, a file’s ACL allows management to make edits to a pay role spreadsheet, but locks other employees out of opening file. 


What It Stands For: Advanced Encryption Standard

What It Means: AES is an acronym related to cyber-security. It’s complicated — it involves things like algorithms and cipher text and block ciphers — so all you really need to know is that AES is today’s global encryption standard, used to keep our communications secure. 


What It Stands For: Enterprise Resource Planning 

What It Means: This is an acronym referring to business management software. Often, it involves various systems and applications. When you work with Calitso, ERP is one of the many ways the Calgary IT services company can support your Calgary business’s computer infrastructure.  


What It Stands For: Customer Relationship Management 

What It Means: This acronym refers to how businesses manage interactions with their customers, both current and potential. Often, this involves compiling data via numerous communications channels (like social media, website analytics, marketing materials and more) and analyzing it in order to help a business best target their customers. 


What It Stands For: Internet Protocol 

What It Means: This is an address identifying a device — be it your phone, computer or tablet — that’s accessing the Internet or another network. 


What It Stands For: Intrusion Prevention System 

What It Means: Simply, IPS is a security software meant to detect malicious behavior or activity, which will then send a reported alert when that activity has been detected.   


What It Stands For: Software Defined Networking

What It Means:  SDN is an efficient networking configuration implemented to improve the way a business’s network of computers interact with each other. This configuration makes a network perform in a similar way to cloud computing and might be implemented as a business thinks about its growth plan. 


What It Stands For: Secure Shell 

What It Means: SSH is a level of network security. Often, SSH is used to provide a secure channel over an otherwise unsecure network. 


What It Stands For: Voice-over Internet Protocol 

What It Means: This is both hardware and software that allows you make and take telephone calls directly from your computer. Unlike a traditional phone, VoIP transmits your voice as data over the Internet.


What It Stands For: IEEE 802.11 

What It Means: So, this is not a straightforward abbreviation like the rest. But if you work on a computer and have a smart phone, you already know what this is. 

How Calitso Can Help Your Calgary Business

When you partner with Calitso, you’re working alongside a team of local IT experts who already speak this complicated IT “language.” Not only that, the Calitso team can help your business implement a lot of this: Calitso specializes in helping your business implement cloud services, VoiP, efficient computing infrastructure and more. Simply, with Calitso, better IT means better business.  

Plus, in the ever-changing world of IT, the Calitso team knows what’s new, what’s cutting-edge and what will work best for your company, keeping you ahead of the competition. 

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