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How Do You Keep Your Company’s Data Secure in the Age of Hacking?

If you’re not sure what’s involved in keeping your business’s information safe and secure in 2019, Calitso’s IT services can help.

Data breaches, security scares, hacking and large-scale interferences: it’s all been in the news for months now. Most recently, it’s been discovered how hackers accessed NASA’s data, it’s come to light that hackers are stealing medical data to impersonate doctors, and American cities targeted by hackers are having to pay thousands of dollars to regain control of their computer systems.

In the digital age, your business and its data is at risk of being hacked by cybercriminals. In fact, cyber-attacks on businesses increased by 55% from the first half of 2018 to the second half alone, while ransomware attacks are also on the rise. But what does this actually mean and how could it impact your Calgary business? And how does working with a specialized IT provider help your business?

Here, we break it down for you.

What is data hacking and how could it affect my Calgary business?

In a nutshell, data hacking is any malicious activity that interferes with — and compromises — your business’s digital devices or its networks. The reasons behind it are countless: sometimes cybercriminals are motivated by financial gain, other times they’re motivated by the information or data you store, or other times they’re just in it for the challenge. Additionally, the hacking can come in many forms, including ransomware, viruses or bots.

While it’s the high-profile cases that make the news, your Calgary business isn’t immune to data hacking. Without the proper security measures in place, hacking have impact how your business runs, upset your entire corporate infrastructure and negatively affect your business’s reputation.

What can I do to keep my company’s data secure?

To protect your Calgary business and its data in the age of data hacking, it’s essential to have numerous precautions in place. Remember: be proactive, not reactive.

For starters, you can make sure that every team member’s computer has an up-to-date, reliable anti-malware software downloaded onto it so that anything suspicious will be detected and blocked. Ensure that the software downloaded on your team’s machines is always updated and ensure your business is backing up all its important information as part of a back-up strategy. For example, maybe your data is archived onto a cloud system every 24 hours in case of a loss.

Also consider implementing a Principle of Least Privilege policy into your Calgary company, meaning your staff only gets access to what they need to their job and nothing more. You can also consider implementing network segmentation, meaning your company’s network and its data is spread out across smaller networks so exposure to confidential data is limited in the case of a cyber-attack.

As well as this, take the time to educate your staff on preventative measures. Remind your team to update their passwords often and suggest they include capitalization’s, symbols and numbers in their passwords to make them as secure as possible. Train your team to never share confidential company information over the phone or email, and educate them on how to spot suspicious emails or unfamiliar attachments.

How can Calitso help elevate my business’s security?

As your company’s partner in IT and in business, Calitso is here to make sure you have all the essential measures set-up and in place to prevent hacking as best as possible. Calitso’s team of IT experts knows what should be implemented to keep your company and its data safe, and therefore, how to keep your business operating at its best.

Plus, if anything out of the ordinary should take place, Calitso is 100% local, meaning you’ll quickly have a friendly Calitso team member on-site offering your company the essential IT support it needs.

That’s because with Calitso, better IT means better business.

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