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The Calitso Business Story

Calitso has been providing exceptional IT support, innovative solutions and unmatched customer service to Calgary businesses since 2011.

Since officially launching in 2011, Calitso has become a known player across town for its cutting-edge Calgary managed IT services.

We’ve come a long way in the last few years. This is our story.

Calitso’s early days

Our co-founders Nathan Orsten and Brian Wickenberg first noticed that something was missing from Calgary’s IT support world more than 10 years ago. They realized that Calgary’s small- to medium-sized businesses had a strong need for effective IT support, but that those businesses also wanted to better understand how IT could enhance their growth and support their goals.

Nathan and Brian saw that Calgary business owners were looking at IT only as a cost, and that often, IT was a confusing component of running a business. They wanted to change how Calgary businesses viewed IT.

So a new Calgary IT solutions company — Calitso — was born in January 2011. And clarity, transparency, partnership and innovation have been at the heart of Calitso since day one.

How Calitso grew as a premier Calgary managed IT services company

Since the beginning, Calitso went against the status quo in the Calgary managed IT services world. Calitso has worked to give businesses what they really need and what they really want when it comes to IT.

Calitso has always offered all-inclusive IT services, knowing the bundle was better for Calgary businesses’ success. Calitso made sure businesses understood what their IT solutions meant and how it could support their business goals. And instead of outsourcing, Calitso has always kept it local.

Basically, Calitso is a partner, working alongside Calgary businesses. And today, Calitso is a premier Calgary managed IT services company that’s trusted by many.

The future of Calitso  

Today, we’re a team of local technology enthusiasts, providing essential and innovative IT services to Calgary businesses of all shapes and sizes. We address all the IT needs of Calgary businesses including unlimited support, security, back-ups and recovery. But at our heart, Calitso goes beyond the technology. We look out for Calgary businesses and are dedicated to supporting their growth and success.

And Calgary businesses trust Calitso. Since 2011, Calitso continued to grow and add customers — we are now with a team of 14.

Yet at its core, Calitso is the same as ever — and will remain the same as it grows into the future. Calitso creates strong, transparent partnerships with Calgary businesses, supporting their growth and expansion. Calitso’s Calgary managed IT solutions are all-inclusive, meaning there are no hidden fees or surprises. And Calitso is a made up of a team of Calgary-based technology lovers, meaning nothing is outsourced and businesses can expect only the best customer service.

Our IT services company believes that business and IT go hand-in-hand. At Calitso, better IT means better business.

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