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How IT Services Have Changed in Calgary in the Last Few Decades


Technology and IT services have changed a lot in the last 30 years. And Calgary businesses have to keep up with the times to stay competitive. Is your Calgary business up-to-speed with all the changes?

Anyone who’s been in business or in the workforce since the late 1980s will have seen huge changes in IT. They will have witnessed how technological advancements have impacted the running of a business. With hardware updates, software developments and changes to how businesses rely on IT to function, a business’s IT service needs have also changed drastically over the decades. 

If your Calgary business hasn’t incorporated a new IT services solution since it launched years ago, now is the time to change that. 

Then: IT Services Calgary Companies Needed in the 1980s and 1990s

Thirty years ago, business in Calgary was entirely different. With the invention of the first personal computer in 1972 and the first personal IBM PC coming to the market in 1981, businesses entered a “digital revolution” by the 1980s and 1990s.  

As businesses embraced technology, that meant also embracing IT services and support. But in those early days, Calgary IT support services looked very different. For starters, IT support was more about education than problem solving. Business owners and their team were largely unfamiliar with the digital realm, so IT support was needed to teach the business how to operate a PC, how to connect to a printer network or even how to use a mouse. 

As well as that education component, IT support services for Calgary businesses might not have been a priority in the 1980s and 1990s simply because it was rare for every staff member in an office to have their own personal computer. For the machines that were in offices, there were infrequent software updates, and the networks were simple, often connecting a few computers to the same printer.

Thirty years ago, it was rare for employees to have a computer at home — and if they did, the hardware and software at work and at home were rarely compatible. As such, IT support services didn’t need to address the issue of compatibility for employees to work remotely. Plus, the Internet was in its early days and remote collaboration was limited. 

This all contributed to straightforward IT support, typically offered by an in-house “computer guy.” 

Now: What Your Business Needs in 2019

But what Calgary businesses needed in 1989, 1999 or even 2009 was very different from a business’s IT needs in 2019. The birth of the Internet in the early 1990s led to the boom of personalized computers in the business setting — and more machines meant a bigger workload for IT support services. 

While networks have advanced, standardization across operating systems and devices has greatly improved, and business owners and employees are digital native, IT support services are needed more than ever. 

While in 2019, IT support is less about training and education, businesses rely on expert IT professionals for the complicated ins and outs of the digital world that are essential to keeping a business running and its employees working. 

It is the IT experts that offer solutions to tech difficulties unsolvable by those who don’t work in IT, such as maintaining network access, enhancing remote working opportunities, addressing through software upgrades, implementing effective cloud services and figuring out essential security enhancements. 

How Calitso’s Calgary IT Services Can Help in 2019 and Beyond

If your business hasn’t implemented an updated IT solution for decades, or if you haven’t made hardware, software or security updates since the business began, Calitso is the IT support service your Calgary business needs. 

Calitso is a team of dedicated experts that knows exactly which IT solutions your business needs in 2019 and beyond. The friendly team of Calgary locals offers 24/7 IT support and will come right to your business’s doors to offer cutting-edge solutions to support your Calgary business’s IT functioning, continuity and security. With Calitso on your side, you can focus on your business and let the IT experts offer integral solutions like improved infrastructure, elevated security and cloud solutions.

Simply, Calitso is your partner in business. And with Calitso, better IT means better business. 

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