Data Backup And Disaster Recovery in Calgary

What would happen tomorrow if you lost your critical systems?

If you suddenly lost your most important data, how badly would it affect your business? Could you even continue operations if that happens?

We are talking about invaluable information such as customer information, intellectual property, emails, financial information, contacts and more all disappearing as if it never existed. 

It could be a simple accident like an employee deleting a folder or something more serious such as a ransomware attack. 

In either case, your critical data could be gone.

It’s a reality that makes us all shudder when we think about it. Fortunately, this is something you don’t have to face when you implement a solid data backup and disaster plan! 

Having a data backup plan and discovery procedure in place is crucial in protecting your business.

Data Backup And Disaster Recovery in Calgary

Calitso's Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

We provide a solid and complete data backup and disaster recovery service that eliminates risk. You don’t need to rely on manual tape system backup or just on onsite backups.

Calitso IT offers onsite and offsite backups as part of our managed services. At Calitso, backups are always included as part of our services.

Our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery services include:


At Calitso we are experts in backup and disaster recovery. 

In our opinion, backups are never optional and we would rather plan for the worse in the event a disaster or data loss occurs.