Managed IT Services Calgary

What is Managed IT Service?

Managed IT Service is the outsourcing of your IT systems. 

Our team of experienced technicians manages your IT environment as if we were your very own in-house IT staff.

We take out all the frustration and worry of managing your own IT infrastructure. Your organization benefits from reduced costs, 24/7 motioning and support, increased productivity and enhanced customer service.

By allowing Calitso to be your managed service provider you have an entire team dedicated to your success providing proactive support, fast response, and expert IT solutions.

Managed IT Services Calgary

Included with Calitso's Managed Services

24/7 Help Desk

Our service desk team is located right here in Calgary! We would never outsource such an important function as service desk support.

Calitso employees are constantly trained in different technologies and solutions so we can provide rapid, professional 24/7 service. We are immediately available so we can minimize any potential interruptions.

You can reach out to our help desk team via phone or email through our advanced ticketing system. IT issues should never prevent you and your staff from getting your jobs done. With our friendly and highly trained team, and instant response, you will see the level of IT service that your business deserves.

Cloud Storage

We provide support for Sharepoint & OneDrive, Microsoft Azure and other cloud storage applications. Our offsite backups utilize cloud storage. 

As more companies move data to cloud storage you need Calitso’s IT experts to help you ensure cloud storage is set up properly and supported.

Hardware Procurement

We have distribution channels for all major manufacturers of computer hardware, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc.

Working with Calitso enables you to take advantage of our special partnership pricing and our worry-free replacement warranty.

Change Management

Technology is ever-changing and you will likely go through many different life cycles of both hardware and software changes. 

At Calitso, we are not only experts at IT but also with delivering projects including the change management component. Every user is different and has a different level of adaptability to new technologies. 

We want to ensure your investment is well received and implemented properly. Whether it’s a move to Windows 10, Office 365, a new payroll system or just a new laptop we want to ensure the user experience is a positive one.

Change management is included with our managed services.

  • Does your business have a disaster recovery plan? 
  • If there were a flood, fire or other disasters could your business afford any downtime or loss of data?
  • What if the disaster prevented your business from opening for hours or days, do you have a plan to operate either remotely or from another location? 

We work with businesses of all sizes to ensure not only all data is properly backed up but a plan for a disaster or long-term outage is in place.

Behind every good business, there is a disaster recovery plan backing up data.

We know setting up the right business solution can be challenging. With Calitso, that’s a challenge your company won’t have.

We are there for you every step of the way by customizing the solution for your business. Multiple backups both on and off-site ensure your data is properly protected at all times.

We don’t use 3rd parties as your data is critical to your business and we could never outsource such a key component to someone else.

By partnering with industry security leaders, Calitso offers clients best-in-class security technology. 

We ensure your proprietary data is properly secured with the best in Malware and Intrusion detection as well as multi-factor authentication. Your systems are in great hands with the team at Calitso IT.

Systems Management & Monitoring

It is critical to patch your firewalls, servers, desktops, switches and other such devices. Don’t fall into a rabbit hole by overlooking this business necessity.

Patching and the timing of patching can have an impact on security, speed, and performance. Included in our managed IT services, patching essentially protects your system and prevents future issues you don’t need. It’s all about being proactive and productive!

Our support team provides a proactive business model and 24/7 remote monitoring is very crucial in this model.

We keep a very close eye on your systems so that if an issue pops up, we begin working instantly to resolve this issue. This ensures that your operations continue to run seamlessly.

Often, we reach out to our customers about an issue before they know there is one. This minimizes downtime for your business so that your staff doesn’t have to stop working because their computer network is down as we all know time is money.

Additional Services

Our Managed IT Services reach beyond your typical service desk IT support. We cover all aspects of your technology.

We are your technology liaison for all things technical including internet, printers, VOIP phone systems, websites etc. If we don’t offer the service directly we will consult with you to ensure you benefit from all areas of our expertise. We are your virtual in-house IT department working with you on all your technology needs.

We also assist your executive team with strategic IT planning. To ensure your technology meets your business goals, our senior staff work closely with you to create an IT road map, assist with an IT budget and bring creative and updated technology solutions.