Remote Monitoring and Management Services

Remote Monitoring

With Calitso’s Managed Services, you get 24×7 monitoring of your network, servers, and critical devices.  We know your business can’t afford any downtime so we proactively monitor all key systems so we can provide rapid support.

With the use of industry leading software, we are able to review on a single dashboard the health of your systems.  We set up specific alerts and warnings so we can intervene at the appropriate time, often without any impact to your users.

We monitor your servers, switches, internet, wi-fi access points, routers, firewalls, anti virus and software applications just to name a few.

At Calitso, we treat your business like our own. We provide complete network monitoring and alert services for your entire technology infrastructure. Additionally, we employ a broad range of skilled technicians who continuously review alerts and reports, watching out for potential system failures, malicious activities and more. 

At Calitso our support team keeps your operations running seamlessly with our eyes on your systems 24/7.