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About Calitso

Information Technology does not need to be overly complicated, yet many business owners often feel at the mercy of their IT providers. These customers see a work order, or an invoice, and shrug their shoulders, surrendering themselves to paying for a known unknown. With businesses experiencing overcharges and spotty services, the reputation of the IT industry has unfortunately become one of taking advantage of the mysteries inherent in their work to sell business owners on coverage they do not need. CALITSO was formed to address these issues.


We Speak Both Technology and Business

At CALITSO, our team speaks the languages of business and technology; together, IT services and support are de-mystified for any enterprise. Our clients will see our promise of one fixed-price invoice and rest easy knowing hidden costs will never pile up, yet the IT service received is of the highest calibre. You will be left with the clearest sense of how CALITSO will serve as a foundation for the growth of your enterprise.

Your Dedicated Technician

Once a business has signed on with us, we assign a dedicated technician to the project. Your dedicated tech will know your computing infrastructure inside and out, never needing the learning curve that rotating tech crews require. CALITSO dedicated techs truly embody the term dedicated, as their primary goal is not just to fix your issue, but to understand how your business can best integrate with your IT system to set the stage for growth and prosperity.

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Our Services

The consultative approach that CALITSO prides itself on will leave every business owner secure in the knowledge that they are getting optimal value for their IT investment. Your IT services will be understandable and relatable, and you can lead your business secure in the knowledge that reliable, dedicated IT support will enable you to prosper.

Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

The Manage IT program is like having your personal, fully managed IT support team, available 24/7, all for one monthly payment.

Computing Infrastructure
Computing Infrastructure

We specialize in virtualization, cloud computing and network design, implementation and maintenance. implementation and maintenance.

Business Continuity
Business Continuity

We plan for the worst and secure your IT infrastructure and mission critical data and applications, in preparation for unforeseen events.

Cloud Services
Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a great fit for many small and medium businesses as it allows a company to enjoy smaller operating costs due to economies of scale.

Business VOIP
Business VOIP

By switching to an IP-based unified communications system, productivity is increased by combing and simplifying your communication tools. implementation and maintenance.

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You Should Consider Calitso IT?

Around Calitso IT we do look at becoming a managed IT service exceedingly sincerely. We all know that undoubtably any time folk are hunting to get a first-rate IT professional these people need the greatest. Therefore we strive to stay the finest managed IT service we can be within Alberta. It truly is our devotion to becoming the standout that has won us all extremely significant respect here with our own customers.

As a first-rate IT professional we furthermore continually try to remember to answer each of our customers issues with great patience and devoid of waiting. All of us always spend the time. We all really feel that it's very crucial to make certain clients truly feel recognized and looked after.

Now there truly are not numerous managed IT service which have the specific skills coupled with background to brand themselves as being front runner inside their field. Incorporate that together with our increased level of customer support and we certainly really feel we're the best first-rate IT professional around Alberta.

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We'll be thrilled to go over all your current managed IT service questions in more detail on the telephone or perhaps by way of email if perhaps this is better in your case. From there we can advise the choice that perfectly fits your situations requirements. Discover precisely why folks call us the right first-rate IT professional!

Continue to Need Convincing? Some Other Reasons Why Calitso IT is certainly An Amazing IT Provider

Devotion to High-Quality - A First-rate IT Professional and A First-rate IT Professional

Our loyalty to high quality is actually remarkably substantial. When you're attempting to become a first-rate IT professional or a first-rate IT professional, there is seriously no other path but to really give it your best possible in order to stand out. When any given consumer will require additional time, all of us supply that particular customer further attention. Anything to make certain they will be ecstatic with us all as a managed IT service. Do not forget, we do assistance virtually all of Alberta, so you should give us a call.

Willpower - A First-rate IT Professional and A First-rate IT Professional

Our clients have sometimes reported us all as a first-rate IT professional, a first-rate IT professional, a first-rate IT professional coupled with the best Alberta based managed IT service you will discover! Really this would not occur if you're lacking amazingly diligent labor as well as commitment to the all-important buyers plus the top quality bestowed in your completed work. In case you might be shopping to find a first-rate IT professional, we genuinely contend that we are the most effective selection. Contact Calitso IT to explain your current situation now! 1 587.794.4134.

Expertise - A First-rate IT Professional and A First-rate IT Professional

In most any industry, expertise is usually a significant issue relating to final results. In case you're needing a first-rate IT professional, that can be still more accurate. Being a managed IT service, we all will tell you undeniably how the end result is certainly driven from the expertise of the business you've been hiring. The undeniably significant magnitude of knowledge that Calitso IT has got being a first-rate IT professional, is actually why an individual ought to invest in us all with your important critical requirements. Whenever you happen to be wanting to get a first-rate IT professional, trust in Calitso IT. Definitely consult with all of us immediately.

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Determining the managed IT service to engage is a time-consuming decision. Choose the best assessment. Why shouldn't you speak to us with zero expectations to fully understand for yourself if all of us will be the perfect managed IT service for your requirements.

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