The CALITSO Approach


CALITSO was formed to address the IT issues that frustrate business owners. Having felt your pain we have designed a straightforward, transparent approach to computing technology that states technology should be simple, economical and “just work”.

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Technology should be


Issues With Your IT

  • Slow computers and networks
  • Waiting for documents to print/scan and files to open
  • Software freezing and crashing
  • Requirement for manual file backups, still taking storage devices or files offsite
  • Lack of your own dedicated onsite tech
  • Long wait times for IT support or waiting for a tech to show up

CALITSO solutions

  • Day to day IT and computer needs
  • Desktop, laptop and printer support
  • Fast service provided by telephone, remotely or by onsite technicians
  • Internet connectivity and uptime
  • Removing viruses and updating software done after hours to minimize impact to users
  • Email support and tracking
  • Backing up data as well as data security
  • File sharing between computers and the cloud

We ensure your system is properly setup and supported with account dedicated technicians.


Technology should be


Issues With Your IT

  • Paying hourly for the same problems over and over again
  • Hesitant to call for IT support because of the escalating costs
  • Being told you need to upgrade or spend more money on your IT
  • Need IT support but not ready to hire a full time employee
  • Loss of productivity due to slow computers and downtime

CALITSO solutions

  • Fixed costs that you can plan on and accurately budget for
  • Taking care of all your day to day IT and computer needs
  • Fast and dedicated remote, telephone and onsite support
  • Hardware upgrading only as required with a replacement plan that works for you
  • Configuring server and firewalls and maintaining your internal business network

We save you money with a low monthly fee, and all inclusive on-site and remote support.

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Technology should

Just work

Issues With Your IT

  • IT is taking up too much of your day to day
  • You want to take advantage of cloud computing and new technologies but do not know where to start
  • Worried about your business agility and response to unanticipated events
  • Feeling like your competitors are more advanced than you
  • No set hardware and software standards

CALITSO solutions

  • Creative and collaborative solutions
  • Development of an IT roadmap
  • Our certified IT and business professionals help you leverage technology
  • Think of us as your virtual IT department bringing new ideas to help move your business forward

We provide unique solutions custom tailored to your business.
Our business model fits with yours.

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